Earth & Human Survival

The following has been submitted today
within the World Economic Forums public website:

Not only ‘I’ need, but I think ‘the whole-world-of-people-&-lifeforms’ needs,
your public inclusion of the Matters being published via

and thereto should be included your ‘appreciation'[*]
of the whole-matter of
Individual Human Movement Co-Improving,
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Co-Building-&-Maintaining”.

[*] Your public appreciation should include 100%-observation of

(1) The 3 Principles of Good Communication & Honest Argumentation (i) Clarity (ii) Charity (iii) Self-Corrigibility.

(2) The 13 “Roadblocks to Intercommunication” shown in ‘People Skills’ by Robert Bolton.

(3) Positive Critical Analysis of the ‘conclusory’ statements made by two professors in the Australian TV University course ‘Environmental Studies’:
(a) “We humans have become a plague upon Earth.” (Jonathan Stone.)
(b) [“} With the Earth’s Natural Resources and Lifesupports showing increasingly downward descent, whilst Economics GDP and Stock-Market figures and consequent World Politico-Militant decision-making showing longest-term ascension thereof,
someone needs to get it through to the Economists that they have a fundamental equation wrong somewhere[“] David Smith, internationally merited author of ‘popular’ & university textbook ‘Continent In Crisis’.

(4) All other non-fiction works listed or mentioned within the aforesaid three not-for-profit. power, prestige nor pretence voluntarily-run e-sites.

(5) How the “Method III ‘No-Lose’ Cooperative Problem Solving Methodology is or could be being used both United Nationsly and Governmentally Worldwide but ‘grass-roots-neighbourhoodly’ by all Peoples worldwide.

With seriously hopeful and trusting regards.
John Miles.
‘Publisher’ of the three e-sites.

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