“Right Thing & Right Reason”

This is an “absolutely-basic”
human-self -enabling, -healthing, -adequating
Knowledge and KnowHow

The words come from TS Eliot’s drama
Murder In The Cathedral
spoken by England’s Church-Head the Archbishop of Canterbury
as he stood unarmed, helplessly-alone,
in the church sanctuary
simply ‘waiting’
for the King’s hired foreign-knighthoods assassins
to gallop in
and most probably summarily slaughter him:

(“) O God, I pray Thee
now have me do the right thing –
and this time
for the right reason (


It was an individual,
final prayer


for us now
would serve us well
to adopt as our personally-individual ‘response-ability
on a life-planning-&-amending

and one might add to it at its end
” – and with the right practiques”

It’s almost a
daily, hourly. instant-to-instant

‘what’s-for-breakfast menu’

wouldn’t we think ?

[*] The ‘statesman-like’ American leader Oliver Wendell Holmes
similarly said
(“) When we do something aright and skilfully
it becomes a ‘sacrament’ –

but when we needlessly and clumsily ‘bodge’ it
it’s become a ‘blasphemy’ (“)


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