The Biggest Picture Again:-

1625 Monday 17022020

Many Planet-Earth-life-Probabilities exist within The Universe,

mainly one would think within its millions of Galaxies
(of which ‘our local galaxy’
is but a relatively ‘medium-sized’
combination of two old galaxies)

but a possibility exists for
Galactic-Lifestation Civilisations to exist
‘Planet Earths’ _

and possibly also with some increasing
over such Earths as
this one we find ourselves
now “struggling-for-survival” upon.

It appears that
before such Inter-Planetary Reachouts had discovered Planet Earth,
the ‘Almightily-Greater & Ubiquitously Longer-Term’
Life-Evolution Power
was steadily advancing this ‘Earth1’
through the thousands and millions of years
to such “Life-Evolution-Capable” planets,

and our Biologists have been able to see-into that record
and give us a narrative-synopsis thus :
(“) In order for Life-Evolution to both exist and prevail
most Lifeforms are being created-&-evolved to
“fight-for-their-life- or be-destroyed”
by either other lifeformage
or by
physical-environmental ‘conditions’
Our biologists also show us
that this Underpinning & Overarching
has also resulted in virtually outright-failures
and in “recessions” –
such as that
“bird-chicks in eggs start growing rows of teeth –
but then re-absorb them
before actually hatching with toothless beaks”.
The one ‘limitation’ vital to us humans is
(1) In order to sutvive, natural-evolution had to
“sacrifice” some of our essential-strengths
(a) having us stand upright on our two back feet and legs
(b) the female having to shorten the baby-gestation period
from the naturally previously successfully-evolved
12 months full-term
to ‘only’
9 months –
apparently because
at that earlier time
women still ha to run-for-their-lives from predators
and the pelvis had to be able to
not only best
but quickest-possible’
achieve this ‘getaway-speed’ [**]
the baby’s brain already had a full number of brain cells
[“]therefore could continue skullbone growth
outside of the womb[“]
– in short, in order for the baby’s head
to be still small enough to pass through the pelvic opening.
Biology and/or Other Disciplines also raised the factor that
“The human baby is the only lifeform on Earth
born not knowing how to move itself
in order to survive”.


Civilisation has
“had to”
even further
“impair and disable” us
as an essential of “Sedentary-&-Technological-Development” –
that has led to our
“Overkilling & Irreversibly-Wasting”
our Own. and Other-Lifeforms’
Lifesupportive Environments”

Our Really-Pressing Predicament is
How to
our natural-biologically-ecological
personally-individual selves;
whilst also
How to restore & maintain the greater Earthlife’s
Natural-Evolution Survival-Strategy [*]


[*] Before we Humans became so
equipped with
increasingly destructive technological weaponry
and with ‘lock-step’
“Intellectual-Third-Brain-Advancing” Knowledges
but also with seriously-misleading “Imaginations” and “Caplessnesses”;/ –
EarthLife was being evolved in the shape of a ‘stepped-pyramid’
whereby each ‘consumer-class’ consumed no more than 10% of its available lifesupports.
[**] Which we all did largely by wading deep into river and sea waters.
(see The Aquatic Ape by Elaine Morgan)