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1731 Monday 17022020 ‘which show’

‘On top of’
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which show
many deliberately-hidden vital factors
that we
as an ~8 Billion-Strong
desperately need on a daily, weekly, yearly,
100-yearly, 10,000+-yearly
and Millions-yearly

our Humankind-Civilisation has long been
and their inescapabl ‘capless’ ‘pay-pyramids’
of both Individually-Personal and Class

and has at present further increased that “Delusionism”
by establishing in World Top-Don Governance
of not just we ‘lesser 7-billion-odd human-Beings
but of virtually every split-grain-of-atom
that exists on this Earth
or might soon ‘arrive’ on this now at last “financialisable-world”
in the form of an Asteroid-Collision.
Several sober non-fiction authors and research-teams have published about these factors;
and today interviewed on RTNews “Going Underground”
Nicholas Shaxton author of
The Finance Curse:
How Global-Finance is Making Us All Poorer [*]

[*] Sabotagingly-failing
by being ‘geared’ to other Fallaciosnesses and Delusionisms
and avoiding or ‘impoverishing’ many of our vital Core-Needs.
(this publisher jsdm).