“Tenses -“

1107 Saturday 15022020

A non-fiction book just delivered
[by nice regular man]

Title (of book) :-
The English Tenses
Practical Grammar Guide
by Phil Williams.

{It’s more than just ‘nice’
to possess such non-fiction guides and factual ‘source-material’ –
it is ‘downright-essential’
these days}.


One’s general life-experience reminds one of
some significant “Other” real-life-senses
of the word “Tenses” :-

Primarily for us
in our current
activities, thoughts, and ‘virtualities’
we have found quite a number of
one such being the mind-usefulness of thinking
as an alternative to the quite-overworked “relax”.
Of course, there’re also the “loose-endedness” and “ambiguous”
‘potholes’ and ‘insidious-quicksands*’
in the English Language –

“The English Person Tenses
[whilst The Foreigner ‘Lolls-Back’]”

* actually, ‘quicksands’ drag one down-under horribly-slowly