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One’s “core” actually has many “cores”

and this is so because
one has as it were “three-brains”
Rhinic-brain [Instinct], Limbic-brain [Intelligence],
and Supra-Limbic -brain [Intellect];

and “three-bodies”
Gut; Bones-&-Muscles; Skin-&-Senses.

Each of these has many ‘sub-parts’
each of which has
in some real sense
its ‘own-core,’HQ’, ‘Nucleus’.


To see non-fiction detail of this advancement in human-knowledge and in subsequent practical ‘know-how’
start with
Wisdom of the Body Moving by Linda Hartley
showing how our human-body’s evolution has proressed from the self-movability of a mere tiny bacterium, up through such levels as
the “sea-squirt” and “frog”
to the still-advancing heterolateral self-movabilities
of our present selves.

Thus also we have progressively available
numbers of non-fiction books, and videos, and ‘training-course’
for our Human Self-Movabliies
and for the ‘enhancement’ thereof
notably through such ‘masterful’ non-fiction as
Your Body: biofeedback at its best
(without instrumentation, machinery and artificiality)
by Beata Jencks..