Submission to UK/PCC.

1310 Saturday 08022020

The following submission has been sent to,
and email-received by,
the Plymouth City Council,
for inclusion in the
“Green Space Planning Process” :-

JSDM Submission to
PCC Green Space

I submit as follows:
That every part of the Plan’s proceedings,
and every person participatory in the Planning and Decision-Making Processes,
be authoratively-made
 or testably-self-made
with the contents of the following
voluntarily-altruistic and not-for-profit, power, prestige nor pretence, e-sites

and also with the over 700 ‘JSDMiles’ submissions, 
published verbatim since May 2010,
by the UK Westminster House of Lords’s “extra-mural” ‘two-way public reach-out’ 

and that the Administration do, ‘by return’- ‘celeriously-timeframingly’,
now advise the General Public that the above e-sites posts
have been submitted
and are intended to be continuingly-published in their own right
in an “Overarching & Underpinning Cooperatively-Participatory Cause” of 

Individual-&-Collective Human Movement Co-Enabling-&-Improving;
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Co-Enabling-&-Building”.
Signed:  JSDMiles; LW888951B;
ex-Regular British Army Officer no. 393218;
6 Gratton Place; PL6 5LU; U.K. 
Saturday 08022020.