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‘Well-ing’ and ‘Maintain-ing’
may well prove to be
the Primary-Life-Task
of every individual Life-Form.

One majorly-necessary form of “Selfing” is

{“own-body-parts “balancing” and “equalising*”


All “Selfing” needs to be done “M.A.E.N.**” regularly.

* In the USA, “equalizing”.
** For details see previous posts either herein http://lifefresh.net
or in http://www.lifefresh.co.uk
and http://www.one-human-living.com
Reference was also submitted
since May 2010
to http://lordsoftheblog.net
and published ‘verbatim’by them.

[The UK Westminster House of Lords’s
(Alas! ‘Erstwhile’ for more than whole year now; but still readable)
two-way participatory-democratic reach-out
direct to The Public.]