“Qui Viving”

One needs to be variously
or varyingly
“on the qui vive”

both with all of one’s own ‘Internals’
– usually ‘randomly’ –
and with
the priorities of one’s ‘Externals’
– usually ‘non-fictionals’ –
such as within
“The Facts and Figures That Turn Your World Upside Down”
edited by Tom Standage in
Seriously Curious
wherein one finds oneself ‘switching’
between such scrutinies as

Why polygamy makes civil wars more likely
Move over, oil, Which countries have the most lithium?

But one has also chosen to
not just ‘watch’
a very good

Lewis: The Soul of Genius –

but to
be ‘pausing‘ it frequently
in order to sort-out
its movementorama
or individually-specific …

… from one’s own …