0705 Saturday 18 January 2020

“Imagining” has many “kinds” “sorts” and “orders” –

and what we might even ‘professionally’ think of as
may be a very misleadingly ‘wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing’
euphemistic term for

and it has equivalents in other fields of human-life and activity,
such as advised by a home-gardens judge
“We want to see gardens
that are ruled by their gardeners;
and not gardeners

who are ruled by their gardens”.

Also the “sick-eye-a-trick’s” definitional crack, that
“Neurotics build castles-in-the-air:
psychotics live in them”.


I know of no better and thorough
“self-awarenessing & control”
‘non-fiction’ guidance-publications than
Your Body:
biofeedback at its best without instruments, machinery and artificiality
by Beata Jencks.

The Centering Book
by Hendricks & Wills
The Second Centering Book
by Hendricks & Roberts.

Wisdom of the Body Moving
by Linda Hartley.

Awakening Somatic Intelligence
by Risa Kaparo