“Intrinsic Sustain-worth”

Following on from the post below.

has also led us to finding that
it, too, is
“less-fit-for-our Real-Longest-Term-Purpose
than was thought”.

we have been given a better Guidance-Source
in the form of Somatics.

Notably in
Awakening Somatic Intelligence
by Risa Kaparo
who provides us with two ‘Starfish’ diagrams

“Embodied Mindfulness”(-ing)
Neuroplasticity: using the mind to change the brain and body;
Interoception: awareness of your internal state;
Proprioception: sensing, evaluating, and responding;
Presencing: embodying the infinite;
The gift of embodiment: source of feedback for awakening.
“Somatic Intelligence”
(self-sensing, self-organising, self-renewing)
Autopoiesis: self-healing & self-renewing;
Cycles of Learning: self-organising;
Differentiation: noticing changes of movement;
Transforming your relationship to gravity & aging;
Proprioceptive Illumination: self-sensing.
[pages 42-43)

We can also begin looking into
The Second Centering Book
by Hendricks and Roberts.
e.g. page 107
“Choosing to Be Where You Are”