Right Thing & Right Reason

Let’s return today to
one of our earliest-discovered
life-effective guidance-sources –

“The authors are sometimes challenged on the idea of
teaching movement awareness in the classroom [*],
on the ground that physical-education
already achieves the necessary goals in this area.

We reply that
movement and body awareness
belong in the classroom
because students move and use their bodies there.

We find that physical education,
which has been responsible for developing the body in school,
is frequently couched in a competitive contest
that emphasizes the thrill of victory
more than the joy of movement,
and its value as a ‘centering’ experience is thereby decreased.”

[*] we can substitute some words here, to better-suit our situation :
” – challenged on the idea of practicing movement-awareness
in the lifeplace.”

And we can add as an alternative any otherwise-suitable [word]:
“Let’s all begin walking [moving-on-the-spot]
slowly [smally/minimally]
around the room [just where we are]

“Let’s stand [hold ourself] loosely and comfortably,
moving … until we find a spot [position]
that feels good to stand [be] on [in].”


The Centering Book by Hendricks & Wills