Response-able Democracy ?

0950 W 08012020

“Ours is the Best-in-the-World -“
“Everybody speaks English now, as well”.
“But what David Attenborough showed the world
along with a few bunches of younger-scientists
[what do they know about the world yet, huh ?]
for instance in that ‘documentary’ –
How Many People Can Live On Planet Earth

claiming that

the USA is worst-in-the-World
by using 900% more than its fair-share
this Earth’s Resources
Other-Countries’ Produce;

and that
this UK is second-worst in the World
by using 500% more than its fair-share !!!!!

none of that is being reported
by any of our
Duly-Elected Democratic-Representatives,
by our Governments,
nor by our Civil Services,
our Schools & Universities,
nor by other Reliable-Powers
nor even by our loyal-democratic neighbours,

certainly not even being mentioned
by any other Media than one TV channel,
as far as I’ve been told.

Therefore it’s either
And anyway that sort of ‘politicking’
is all way, way above
our Majority-Peoples’ pay-grades,
and above
our democratic-responsibilities
our private lifetime interests,
even if it were true

and even if there was anything
we need and could
do about it.

And it’s also rubbish that we’re
“using-up and wasting away this Earth
and our Childrens’ Future”.

That’s crazy,
and impossible anyway,

you can’t use what’s not even arrived yet,
it remains safe in the Future,