World Co-Sustainworthying

The following email-response has been made today F03012020
to a USA “world-educating”, but in-truth business profiteering, website :-

No, it has not.
So far all you’ve “machine-fed” me
is no better than “SPAM”.

I need you to holistically address
and its two kindred not-for-profit, power prestige nor pretence websites   and

They are both androgogical and pedagogical “Lifeplace-Enablements

and they also have the up-front sense of being 
“extra-mural co-learning
& thereby also
‘lateral  co-teaching’ sites

as well as being
Neighbourhood-Associations, Households’, and Lone-Individuals’
“food-for-thought-and-life” [*]
They are there ‘in perpetuity’
for either
the Prevailing Humankind World
to be egalitarianly confluencing [**]-with 
or for
an utterly “Peaceful-Revolutionary-&-This-Time-Non-Bloody””
“Radically-Reforming Worldwide ———->
“Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying Movement
New-Uniting-Peoples Nations Body
alongside the existing UN [*]-

to both lead and direct.


I now need you to do all of the following:
(1) acknowledge this whole message,
(2) acceptingly-respond to all of its content and Purpose,
(3) publish it fully and approvingly
on your public and business websites as being “friendly”.
and to respond to me personally ‘by return.’
What other immediately-actively-constructive course is there
 other than for you to admit that you are
both unable
and unwilling t
to live-&-work cooperatively
with this Purpose
and with its
goingly-improving means ?

[*] The really exemplary lifeplace-leaderful
Guidances in Knowledge & KnowHow
are being progressively shown
and ’emulability-facilitating ‘appreciated’
within these three voluntary e-sites.
“Bare in-text” but also under
‘Basics’ and ‘Foundations’ tabs.
[**] “confluencing” instead of “confusingly-adversarily-contesting-against”

JohnMiles PL6 5LU; U.K.​
0043 F03012020.

=== 0107 F 03012020 ==== Break for Self-&-Environment Choring and Correcting ====