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From Niel-Asher’s The Concise Book of Trigger Points.

[“] Trigger Points all seem to have the following characteristics :-
(a) Pain, often exquisite, is present at a discrete point.
(b) A nodule is embedded within a taut band in the muscle.
(c) Pressure reproduces the pain-symptoms,
with radiations in a specific and reproducible distribution (map).
(d) Pain cannot be explained byfindings from a neurological examination.

they may be embedded in the muscles
from where the pain is felt… [“]
Trigger Points
may arise for many different reasons,
some of which are
(i) Head forward posture (upper crossed pattern).
(II) Round shoulders (upper crossed pattern).
(iii) Head to one side (telephone posture)
(iv) Occupational/ergonomic stressors.
(v) Slouched standing (lower crossed pattern)
(vi) Slouched sitting (e.g. computer-screen ergonomics)..
(vii) Cross-legged sitting.
(viii) Habitual postures and/or habits.
(ix) Driving position.
(x) Scoliosis.
(xi) Joint hyper-mobility.
(xii) Lifting-carrying.
(xiii) TMJ syndrome.
(xiv) WEhiplash.
(xv) Primary short lower extremity (PSLE).
(xvi) Repetitive activity or sport.
(xvii) Chronic vitamin and/or mineral deficiency.
(xviii) Iron deficincy and hyperthyroidism.
(xix) Medication induced (iatrogenic).

Simply understanding what trigger-points are and how they may be the cause of your pain, is therapeutic.
I believe that it is essential to empower my patients to get better on their own, and that ‘knowledge is power’. Please study the muscles, understand the process of treatment, and orientate yourself, before you start.

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by Ryan Holiday
An Anient Strategy for Modern Life

(“) The ability to choose the focused inner stillness
that is championed in this book
is more important than ever before

Stillness Is The Key

“To achieve stillness,
we’ll need to focus on three domains –
a timeless dual-trinity
mind, body, soul
head, heart and flesh.
In each domain we will seek to reduce
the disturbances and perturbations
that make stillness impossibnle. [*]


[*] … perturbations that make this living-stillness impossible