Some ‘ready-to-cut-sward’ –

Our very first [virtual] “Triad-Table”
has established a number
of up-datable non-fiction sources
of Knowledge and Know-How
for prioritising into the
New Sustainworthy-&-Sustainworthying
Constitutional Library –

from which the first one
having three copies already on the table
and ready to be ‘brought into action’ is

Your Body
[by Prof Dr Beata Jencks]
biofeedback at its best
(without instruments, machinery or artificiality
Since we need to establish on the ‘banded’ table
a sufficientcy of non-fiction all-round
sources and guidances.
three copies each of several other such books
are also now at hand :

The Centering Book
[by Profs Hendricks and Wills]
Self-Awarenessing and Enabling Activities for all ages.
Awakening Somatic Intelligence
[by Prof Risa Kaparo]
A Thoroughgoing New Holistic Advance
into a deeper and More Effective Foundation
of Lifeplace-Generic-Enablement.
Superimmunity [Prof Dr Paul Pearsall]
An insightful medical doctor’s experience of people’s-unwellness
and the ‘astoundingly-practical’ creative guidelines resulting –
these in effect also make up a guidance-sequence
for maintaining
as well as gaining
[by Laban 7 Lawrence]
The original and still best foundation-exposition
of the 4-pairs of ‘opposite’
eight basic human movements.’