Professor Dr Mabel Todd

1937 non-fiction authoress of the quantum-trek’ forwards
The Thinking Body

“What are we ‘doctors’ actually here for ?
Surely, it is to help people to move theirselves better ?”

Whilst the Petter website
is more seriously
‘better-life’ – ‘educational’
than any of the many “Porn” sites
it still in places is “porn-like”.

That said, I wish to present some selections
of Hegre’s dvds and films
as being focally

rather than going ‘further’
and claiming them to be “healthily-sex-educational”.

In some of these selections
parts of the complete showing
may not be recommended –
notably most of the “cum-shots” need to be “cut”:

{One such would be the ” ‘Blistering’ Penis Massage ” *).

We in “Co-Sustainworthying”
are not so much about so-called “happy-endings”
as about “better self-whole-body movement“.

* A slow whole-body
then lingam
not in the least ‘blistering’,
but co-maturely careful ,
even awareness-&-co-self-controllingly ‘studied’.
the way I see it