“Trying to Breathe -“

The following not-for-profit email
has been submitted to
a few professional people and organisations
in the linked-fields of
Sustainability, Education, and Best-Practices :-

(“) Please first check reasonably ‘deeply’ through

and into the UK Westminster House of Lords’s
extra-murally informal 2008
‘reach-out’ two-way direct to the Public via
[which was somehow “frozen”
in August 2018 without explanation]
 I am 92 years old with mild disabilities and impairments
but I run the above three e-sites
not-for-profit, power, prestige nor pretence,
“voluntarily-altruisticly [expenses being paid out of 
UK and Australian Taxes via my dual state-pension]..
With good regards,
John S.D. Miles. (“)