Now: a New-Human-Sward

A ‘sward’ is the network of roots
just under the surface of the topsoil;
such as in both pastureland and meadow

This Earth needs,

as are we Humankind increasingly-desperately

the same sort of natural Earth-Lifesupportive ground-web
as the michorrhiza-and tree-roots symbiosis
that ‘alone’ maintains the thrival
of jungles, forests, woodlands, jungles,
and of home-garden trees and shrubs, too .

We’re talking of a
Civilisational and Individual-human
Radical-Reformation –

we’re talking of a New Major Organisation
alongside the (‘misnamed’) United Nations [**];

one that focuses
in biome-wide and nation-level sweeps
upon founding
Uniting Peoples States
within large prime areas of national-land
long-leased to the UPS by each and every nation-state –
executively-ruled by the UPS
– in cooperation with the ‘United NationStates’ (UN)
and locally-ecolonomicly-administered
by the nation-state under UPS and UNS(UN) standards.

The Purpose and Raison d’Etre of this worldwide UPS-Network
Human Movement Co-Improving
Wholesome Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Co-Building”

which –
although now life-or-death for all-of-us
both Vitally-Important
and Expressly-Urgent

but can only be achieved in stages
needs to be with and upon a
“New Humankind Civilisation Worldwide ‘Egalitarian’
Legal-Constitution & Lifeplace-‘Sward’ [***]


{*} Also here in “Self-&-Civilisation Co-Sustainworthying”
we need to focus
upon this Earth’s Lifesupports’ Needs-&-Hows –
both the Naturally-Ecological and the Civilisationally-Ecolonomic.-

That is why we don’t mention
until much further down the Priorities-Scale
the widerspread use of the term ‘sward’ to indicate
the root-mesh under such places as
bowling-greens and ‘private’-front-garden-lawns.
[**] Should have been called what it actually dominantly is
The United NationStates
[***] Attempting to “improve” the existing worldwide
Adversary-Logistics, Militancies, ‘Cult-Yours’,
and “Alternative-cum-Resistance Movements”
can only be as effective and evanescently-lasting as
a succession of mere band-aids.

“…And when you pray,
pray like this …”

“Our Lifesupports, which are on Earth and in ‘Heaven’,
Hallowed be our names,
Our lifedoms come,
Our wishes be done on Earth as in Heaven;

Today let us be sharing our Lifesupports and Sacramental-Energies,

and be not leading into continual-testings
but delivering from every evil.
For ours are these Lifedoms,
these Powers,
and these Glorious-Stories,

both for