Since the founding of a
Sustainworthy-&-Sustainworthying Humankind-World
is not possible under the

is it possible to
such a Sustainworthying People, State, and World ?

Notionally starting with a group-of-three people …
To an equilateral three-sided table
each has brought a number of non-fiction publications
each thought already, by its bringer
to be “worthy” of establishing
in a New-Constitution-Linrary
as a rapidly-updatable Knowledge-&-KnowHow Guide.

{ For a starting-point’s sake, let the following be the books brought :
Joining Together
People Skills
Six thinking ‘Hats’
How To ‘Win’ Every Argument
Red Herrings and White Elephants

By Johnson & Johnson; Bolton; Bono;
Pirie: Jack; and Laban & Lawrence,
respectively. }
And let Members A, B, and C
each present two of them,
in “Method III” rotational order.

Since this group-of-three
is possibly the one-and-only such
peacefully-radically-reformational group
anywhere on Earth at present,
it falls both ‘naturally’ and ‘civilisationally’,
to begin co-building the group-of-three’s
‘immediate’ practical-familiarity
longer-term proficiency
in not only beginning to ‘know’ the new knowledge,
but to practice the vital new ‘KnowHow’ therefrom.

Round #1 :
Member A announces ” Red Herrings and White Elephants;”
and places it on the outer band of the table
[for progression into the centre of the table
representing the New Constitution itself].

Member B says: Joining Together
and places it in the outer band, adding
“Beginning with “How to join together successfully”.

Member C says: People Skills and specifies
“Beginning with the
“12 Roadblocks
to good communication and honest argumentation”.


[ We break for selves-and environments maintenance ]