Virtual-Sust’ing: Day 2

The Round #1 discussion resulted in:-

Each agreeing
at least the initial worthiness of each submission

Each agreeing the need to begin further rounds to
prioritise these first three submissions
as many further titles as time will allow
begin practical explorations
and further actual learning-and-establishment timeframes.

All agreed for one-member-at-a-time
to act respectively as
the ‘contingency-facilitator’
the refreshmemt-‘breaker’
and so forth …

All agreed that since submissions needed to be
early- if not immediately prioritised
Band-One would have a ‘Waiting-Table or Chair’
alongside the primary-unit 3-sided table
which could also be marked and used for all other submissions’ progress,
in order to keep the primary table’s bands clear
for the “lifework-in-progress.”

[A further chair, or box,
may accommodate any submissions
majority-deemed to be ‘of very-low-priority’
in both importance and urgency.]
The primary table was then
re-equipped with submissions
in the following order

Your Body –
for its immediate and essential usefulness
as a co-self-explorational & enablement manual.

People Skills
for its ‘warnings’
as to Communication
and Honest-Argumentation

for its all-round provision of
the elements and practical-details of
the Eight Basic Human Whole-Body Movements.

It was agreed to interimly use
any suitable table, anywhere suitable*,
during this necessarily-‘intense’ founding-stage.
(8) The meeting adjourned;
and Refreshment was taken -.
.* Such as a University, or other ‘soberly-mature’, public- cafeteria.