“Sine-qua-non Therapy”

“Without-which-Nothing” -Therapy.

“Therapy is any-thing that helps a person to heal-theirself.”

Stipulatively, a “thorough-therapist(e)”
is one
who knows both what the ‘client’ needs and how-much-of-it.

Here in the SW of England,

as well as anywhere-in-the-whole-world,

one needs to try-out the therapists one by one
until one feels sure of their “thoroughness”
as being both necessary & sufficient
for both one’s symptoms and one’s signs.
{Emma Sims as a Reflexologist perhaps bears mention here
since this ‘publisher’s’ one experience of her ‘work’ indicated such “thoroughness” –
albeit that her and her husband-partner-Graig’s books
are full for the time-being }