Back to ‘Life’-ing…

More folk are being able to ‘enjoy’ personal-stillness,
‘seasonally’ for a few days and nights perhaps,
and this year
one of our “lifeplace-sustainworthying-guides” has published

Stillness Is The Key
[Ryan Holiday]
“An Ancient Strategy or Modern Life”.

Maybe all we need, now, is practice –
at a preliminary mindset
that “believes” only in
“one’s-own-right-and-patient-readiness to
be still
in every part of our body, mind, soul and self”.

To (preliminarily) lie horizontal
close our upper-eyelids
but not our “eyes”
and both endure and enjoy
the passing of the “tics, spasms and thrills”
as the required state of “stillness”
spreads throughout one’s consciousness,
throughout one’s body- and mind- parts …

Some words from Holiday himself :

“The call to stillness comes quietly.”
(That means that it is also ‘prepared’ to be ‘taking-its-time’ – ?)

“In addition to the clatter and chatter
and intrigue and in-fighting
that would be familiar to the citizens of Seneca’s time,
we have
car-horns, stereos, cellphone-alrams,
social-media notifications, chainsaws, airplanes.
Our personal and professional (‘work’) problems
are equally overwhelming.”

“Who has the power to stop? Who has time to think?
Is there anyone
not affected by
the din and dysfunction of our time?”
“We must treat the vessel we occupy on this planet well –
we will be forces to abandon it early.”
Little doubt remains that Ryan has somewhere mentioned
the essential
of our-selves :-
our breathing,
respiratory-system-and cells movements,

the occasional ‘twitch or itch’
caused by a passing fly or microbe on the skin

or the ‘creaking’ of sweat-salt on our skin
and the hot-creepiness of the ‘gungery-in-the-crutch’…
Holiday’s “stillness” is a
but all holidays have some
“boringly-essential-chores” to be done
and some “non-stillnesses”.