Eyes-Down for ‘Enablement’

Australia’s Monash University’s Inernational Distance Education
Philosophy [‘Thinking’] course
sets out two branches:
(1) Formal Argumentation.
(2) Moral Reasoning.

We ‘committeds’ to
“Self-&-Civilisation –
Human Movement improvement;
Wholesome Health, Wellness & Wellbeing Building”

need to be
“all-round ‘co-building’
and our Civilisation[*]

Thus, today we could begin
reasonably apposite and ‘do-able’
knowledge and knowhow,
from as many key-basics Sources as possible.

Let’s try
Fundamentals of Critical Argumentation
[by Douglas Walton].:-
The Chapter Headings:
ONE: Arguments and Dialogues.
TWO: Concepts Useful For Studying Arguments.
THREE: Argumentation Schemes.
FOUR: Argument Diagramming.
FIVE: Dialogues.
SIX: Detecting Bias.

[*] Our Civilisation : there are approximately 11 ‘going-civilisations’ around the World
as of the ‘turn-of-the-century’today


Need to keep-all-moving