Yet Another Govtl-‘Scam’

We “Sustainworthying-Few” have warned Authority
and the World
many times before –
without Fully-Fit-For-Purpose
Prior Constructive & Co-Constructive Ability
can only become


We attempt to keep government,
and the like- top-down dictatorial “private”companies,
as fully informed as is humanly possible;

to no avail.
I have many times responded. and tried to respond,
to this UK TV Licensing-Authority’
with its
Establishmentarian Group-Think

including trying to inform them of my address change
and my established
nonogenarian age and previous unbroken ‘right-to’ and award-of
a NIL*-extra-charge TV Licence
[*above my taxes already being paid to Government]

{ -as if they shouldn’t already have access to that fact anyway
without ‘hounding’ good- people
who are plentifully lifesupporting them }

 all to no avail,

One ‘Alison Roberts’ has now ignored all my previous history,
sent me a threat-letter of £1000 court-action.,
 and has instigated a home-investigation visit
including wasting your (public) taxes, too.

I am SO angry !

I am so ‘bleddy’ angry
and ‘terrorised’
that I’m going to copy this to the  .net www.