Overdue Foundation-Parts

Effort [Laban & Lawrence].

An explorative vignette goes like this:

Step 1:
“We need to be able to become,
several times daily,
but not “frozen”,
nor “stiff”
in any body-part.

It is only from this “stillness”
that we can right-mindfully
‘lead’ our limbs and other bodyparts
into right-self-movability ..

Step 2 : The movement needs to
‘gentleness’; ‘flexibility’; and ‘fluency’.

The four ‘opposite’ movement elements are
Quickness; Firmness; Directness; and Boundness.

Many of us need to have
much practice-time allotted to
“priorly-imagining” (**)
these ‘self-movability’ requirements
which Rudolf Laban found to be
the basic movement elements for the human-being.
Step 3 :
Mindfully pre-movement-ing =
e.g. imagine your whole body –
Floating ——

in a further timeframe, imagine your whole body –
It’s alsovery ‘useful’ to ‘connect’ this with

{ self-lifeplace-work
self-explorative life-educational enablements }

from the Jencks’s
Your Body
p87 – 93.
Gravity and the Supporting Environment


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(**) “Imagining” –
as with The The Inner Game o Tennis by Timothy Gallway]
is the kind of imagination one applies to “preparing-to-move”
into the
8 basic human-movement elements ‘combining’
to make 8 basicly complete-human-movements :_

Floating; [sustainedly,lightly, flexibly]
Gliding; [sustainedly, lightly, directly]
Dabbing; [quickly, lightly, directly]
Flicking ;[quickly, lightly, flexibly]

Pressing; [sustainedly, firmly, directly]
Wringing; [sustainedly, firmly, flexibly]
Thrusting; [quickly, firmly, directly]
Slashing. [quickly, firm,y, flexibly]/