Our Big Life-Supports Task

Both our Immediate & Longest-Term
Humankind Vocation & Mission
is coming to be seen as being
secondarily- space-emigrating. [*]

That has led us into this e-site’s
self-cognitionally-prescriptive-purpose of

Human Movement Improving,
Wholesome Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Building.

and therein and thereby
to finding

appropriately Leaderful
sources & guidances.

Currently we are endeavouring to follow
Your Body:
biofeedback at its best
[without instruments, machinery and artificiality]
by Prof Dr Beata Jencks :-

Chapter 6:
“The exercises in this chapter
increase awareness of flexibility and muscle-tone.
Good flexibility and muscle tone
are necessary for proper balance
and easy, graceful movement.
These exercises also assist in adjusting bodily misalignments
and repairing damages which are incurred in daily life
due ro ordinary and special stresses.
As a result, energy is conserved,
and better mental balance and equanimity are achieved.

Muscle tone and flexibility may also be improved by self-massage,
which is discussed and described in the next chapter.”
[*] In the PBS documentary TV programme
World of Stonehenge
Prof Neil Oliver ‘figures’ that
long BCE our human ancestors began to
that their expired leaders needed to be
‘sent-upwards, to a higher and better place’
by cremation-fires,
whereas the main population’s ‘ordinary’ dead
must continue on this Earth,
by traditional burial.

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Nextly, more specific self-exploration guidances.