Jencks and C-able/F Basics

Our progress with
Sustainworthy and Sustainworthying
new and better habits
might have enabled us to perceive and select
a succession of sources and guidances
such that we can make
lone wholesome health-building progress.
“Massage should be administered daily
or even more often
for limbering up, relaxation, invigoration, or lymph drainage.
A thorough, complete body massage
should not be administered
more than twice a week,
so the body has time in between
to rid itself of the liberated waste products. … “
“If there is no time or strength
for a whole body massage
but one is desired,
the following sequence is suggested for successive massages:
(i) feet, ankles, and lower legs;
(ii) knees and upper legs;
(iii) hips and buttocks;
(iv) hands and lower arms;
(v) uppr arms and shoulder:
(vi) chest and neck;
(vii) back;
(viii) face and head.”
[Key: Apply the massage stroke during exhalation]

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