Sustainworthying Continued

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From our cumulatively progressive List
of ‘New’ Civilisational Basics, Foundations
Up-Datable Constitutional Sources & Guidances [*]
we are ‘leap-frogging’ through
one of the ‘sine-qua-non’ basic Master-Works
Your Body by Professor Dr Beata Jencks (1977)

we can also be interspersedly ‘appending’
key-knowledge and knowhow
from Other ‘Masters’.
Let’s continue our current main track now, with Jencks –
Mazdaznan Exercises
p 121 of Ch 5 Breathing for Special Purposes

“The following exercises (Hanish 1914)
have their origin in the ‘Middle East’.
They have been known in the USA
only for the last hundred years. Prelude Breath.
“Begin by taking short breaths:
in — out, in—out, 6 or more times.
Then empty the lungs with a
long ‘gently-pushing’ exhalation.
This must be done before every Mazdaznan exercise,
but it is also by itself
a method by which to relieve shortness-of-breath.
In the latter case it is followed by a few deep, relaxed breathing cycles.
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Grounding (Nell Arnaud 2010)
“Grounding is a state of being integrated——
body, mind and spirit while aligning with
the energies of the Earth.”

To be continued long-term ——— 0945 Break for Maintenance and Inter-Day Reclocation

The Rules of Thinking
(Templar 2019)
Rule #1
“Avoid Echo-Chambers:
cultivate friends based on what they are not what they believe”
[here one can indeed begin practising “thinking-for-oneself’:
“cultivate lifeplace-colleagues based on how they behave, not upon what they ‘are'”. jsdm.

Make, Think, Imagine
(John Browne 2019)
“A blueprint for future global progress underpinned by the spirit of innovation.” Lord Foster, architect.

“Staring up at the blue infinity of the desert sky. it seems obvious that we are not at the centre of the universe. Nicholaus Copernicus extinguished that idea five centuries ago, and since then, a series of ‘great leaps’ in human thought have pushed us to renounce the idea that our species occupies a position of special privilege. Thanks to Charles Darwin, we know that we are not exceptional in the biological world. Then, in the nineteenth century, Sigmund Freud ‘destroyed’ the notion that we are uniquely rational agents.

Now, thanks to Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing and the susequent generation of computer scientists, it is clear that we are neither the only, nor the most capable, intelligent agents n this planet, To believe otherwise is ‘exceptionalism’.
However, if I was forced to choose between
a world governed by our familiar brand of human-intelligence, albeit riddled as it is with biases, flaws and imperfections,
the cleaner clinical intelligence of machines,
I have no hesitation in making my choice.

For we have the special gift of imagination that allows us to dream. And all progress starts with a dream: a vision of a better world.

John Browne.
(This e-site’s publisher’s bold printed parts).

People Skills
(by Professor Robert Bolton)
Above, and ‘below’, the
12 Roadblocks-to-Good-Communication and Honest-Reasoning
examined by Bolton
Roaadblock # 13
(“) Saying ‘some else is doing the roadblocking’ (“)
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