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Enhancing Sensory Awareness While Lying Very Still

(“) These exercises draw attention
to both normal and un-necessary tensions
in the resting body.
They show how
increased sensory awareness
makes it possible to feel,
the alternation of tension and relaxation
which accompany the normal
breathing-respiratory cycle**,
and they help one
to discover unnecessary tensions.
Relaxed exhaling and passive inhaling
are practiced by means of
mind-functional* images.

Movement and Stillness.
(“)Lie on the floor; arms and legs in a comfortable position;
eyes open or closed.***
Imagine (that) you are ‘melting’ into the floor,
or spreading like a drop of oil on water.
Lie very still.

Is everything really still ?
Feel where there is any sort of movement in the body –
feel where there is stillness in the body.
Sense it, feel it, linger over/with it.

Observe whatever moves, even briefly, anywhere in the body
including any part moving in its limbs and extremities.
Observe the normal movements of the body
while you are lying very still.
What places are there where normal movements are inhibited
due to tension(s)****.

Check your chest, your head, your limbs.
Feel again where there is stillness,
and where there is movement,

in your body and its parts.(“)

======== end of ========

* = ‘mental-“.
** Prescriptively-definitive note:
is the whole-body-cellular process of
and began in the womb
before parturition and the beginning of
lung-air-breathing, by inhalation & exhalation.*****
——————————————————– —
*** (In our
Human Movement improving,
Wholesome Health, Wellness and Wellbeing Building”,
we make further ‘distinctions’
such as here between
“Eyes open but upper-eyelids lowered”
“Eyelids lowered and eyes closed/’switched-off'”.
**** we also have to distinguish between
‘normal’ tension
‘impairment’ or ‘disability’
tension-like ‘stiffness’ or ‘stillness’.
———- —————————————————————-
.***** ‘critically’,
see also Wisdom of the Body Moving
by Linda Hartley.
——————————– 1837 —————————-

Your Body
Changes of Tension During respiration**.
“Notice your breathing.
Do not change it purposely. Just observe.
Feel where the breathing results in movement.
Feel where the breathing seems to be blocked.
Feel when the breathing brings relaxation.
Feel when the breathing results in tension.
Sense it, feel it, linger over it.”
—— 1845 ———-
by this E-site-publisher)

Lower your upper eyelids
as if simply to be ‘watching-the-inside of your eyelids’.

(Now, I reckon that -)

the darkness you see
as well as
any dim sorts of ‘shape’ or’bit’ within it –
is an
[No matter of what ‘sort’ as yet].
Thus, we may ‘assume’ that
there is always ‘Imagery’ present in the brain
and visual-sub-organ
for the-vision-mind and intellect
to be, or choosing to be, perceiving, interpreting
(etcetera etcetera etcetera).
—— 1858 ——-
“The imagination,
coupled with exhalations,
is the best technique for reducing tensions.”

page 75. Detection and Release of Muscular Tensions.
======================== 1905 ============================

Sensations of Temperature and Moisture
(“) The sensations of warmth and coolness,
moisture and dryness,
are closely related to blood-flow and
glandular secretions,
and changes are brought about
mainly through the autonomic nervous system
and through certain reflexes.
These innervating ‘mechanisms’
are usually thought of as acting automatically.
the imagination is a powerful agent
with which to influence blood flow
and glandular secretions,
especially if it is coupled with
the appropriate phase
of the respiratory cycle.

Trainees learn
with the help of the following exercises
not only how to become more aware
of autonomic functions of the body,
but also how to use the imagination
to evoke beneficial physiological changes,
and how to increase
sensations of dryness or moisture, coolness or warmth.

Before one begins these exercises,
tensions should be released
in the respective body-regions.
======================= 1927 ============================
Cave of Mouth.
(“) Imagine,
during exhalations,
that the mouth is a dark, moist, warm ‘cave’.
Disregard the inhalations.
Lake in Mouth.
Imagiine that the Cave of Mouth
has a lake at the bottom.
Allow the moisture to increase during exhalations.
Dry it up during inhalations.
Eye Comfort.
Close the eyes and note how they feel.
Are they tense ?
Dry ?
Burning ?
Is there movement ?

Think of the hollows thatbsurround the the eyes.
Are the eyes comfortable in their sockets ?

Consider what might do the eyes good
in their present condition and choose from the following.
For removing tensions,
during exhalations
think”let go” or “loose”.

the following should be thought-of or imagined during exhalations:
To counteract dryness,
imagine the eyeball ‘swimming’ in a warm saline bath.
For calming disturbing movements, think “calm and still”
“a calming hand-palm cups my eye”
(disregard the idiom ‘that’s all my eye’)
“dark and comfortable” …

(think of the Venerable Bede Griffith
who ‘extended’ the official Vatican ruling that
“God is Light and never Darkness”
to include
“God is Light, and also Divine-Darkness”.). …
……….. 1953 ……………
(“) … During inhalations, on the other hand, think “cool air streams through my eyelids” or “Light and Cool”
or use both phases of the breathing rhythm
by thinking for ‘burning’ eyes “during exhalations “moist” , and during inhalataions “cool”; or imagine the eyes “floationg …” during exhalations …
and add “…in cool water” during inhalations.
(“) David Bellamy
the worldwide respected Naturalist & nature-presenter
died today Wednesday.(“)
(More exercises for the giyen in Chapter 8) (“)
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