” … Do Well …”

“Do What You Do Do Well /…”
“P is to Bottle as ‘Duty’ is to ‘God’ “.


Our first ‘goal’:
and/or movement/sub-movement
three times,
before ‘moving-on’ “.


Overally familiarising ourselves
with the contents of,
and specific-self-explorations from,
Your Body
‘self-knowledging-&-knowhowing’ *
at its best
instruments, machinery and artificiality.

* qua ‘biofeedback’.

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From other Human-Developmental Sources and Guidances,
Some of our ‘brain-lobes/’parts’
give our mind experiences that seem to be not of our own-self;
‘comparatively/contrastingly ‘
some dreaming can seem to be ‘real’

[but can
(if ‘good’ now become ‘a dearest-wish confirmational,
disappointingly-not-quite-yet ‘real’,

but also often if a ‘bad’ dream
can become thoroughly-thankfully
to have been
‘only-a-dream’ ].

Sometimes whilst already wide-awake, one may feel something with one’s body –
say ‘wearing a watch on one’s wrist’ –
only to realise
that it is not
likewise seriously wishing for a like-living companion –
but one’s own long-past memory of actually wearing a watch.
Here with Your Body we
(including ‘you’ or ‘one’)
can be finding-
such knowledge
and ‘knowhow-liberation’.

Let’s go back into it, then –

[After some already Jencks-following]:
Is your breathing slow
or ‘how’,
now –
in this few minutes of self-explorational timeframing –

and is it possible to slightly vary it –
without at all losing its slowness or midway-ness ?
Now to Beata’s actual wordings :-

Increasing Sensory Awareness During Movement
These exercises draw attention to
muscular and sensory awareness during movement
in order to discover inadequacies in walking
and to observe how moods,
such as tiredness, timidity, or eagerness,
are reflected in postures and movements.
Trainees’ Reports
“In the Tired Walk my shoulders sagged and I tended to buckle in the middle. My arms were fairly relaxed, but I lacked support within. I tended to buckle and collapse.
“As ‘Eager-Beaver‘ there was a great deal of tension in my arms and legs and around the eyes. I was leaning forward from the waist, my steps were longer, my mouth was set.”
“With the ‘Timid Walk’ I held my chest in tightly, so that my breathing almost stopped. I had a tense jaw and tight lips and felt as if I did not dare loo around.”
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