What’re U Doing Right Now?

Continuing at 2050 , where we left off 1840 at the bottom

“I’ve just started ‘Sensing my body’ –
helped by Jencks’s
chapter 4. Uses of Sensory Awareness
4.3. Sensing the Simple and Spontaneous
4.3.3 Body Image and Body Language Sensing the Body

1.1 “Stand, sense, and explore
different parts of your body.
1.2 Feel the length of your arms.
1.3 Feel the size of your hands.
1.4..Feel the length of the torso
from the bottom of the pelvis
to the top of the neck.

(—— time-out for sustainworthying — 1715 Monday —-)

CONTINUING,4 How much space is between your shoulders and the floor ? …
1,5 …between your shoulders and knees ?…
1.6 … between feet and the top of the head ? Feel the separation betgween torso and head …
How long is the neck from the shoulders to where the skull starts at the back of the head … Lengthen the neck straight upwards during an exhalation. Allow the arms to hang like plumb-lines, during an exhalation …
Tell the shouldrs to let go of he neck …Tell the neck to let go of the head … How long does the neck feel now ? Feel the connection between head and body: the bones,
the tendons, the skin; the passages; the nerves.
Allow small movements … Then sense again …

2050 continuing

… Feel the width, the depth, the coordination of skeletal structure, the tissue masses … Detect some organic functioning. …Feel the blood, the warmth, the streaming, the pulsating. … Feel the covefings of the body, the hairs lon the skin, the moisture at mucous membranes. Sit uprightand bring your hands easily and gently to the top of your head. Let them rest here lightly.
(4.2) Assay thespace between your hands and your sitting bones. Think of all the structures and functions inside you in that space … Allow them ample room. … Be aware of the space. … Make any necessary readjustments in poture during exhalations. … Feel aliveness during inhalations. Allow the hands to return and rest on the thighs. Allow the feeling of the inside space to remain. Sit with eyes open, very sensitive to yourself, very alive.
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