Priority#1:- Self-Worthying

Your Body:

at its best without instruments, machinery and artificiality:
we continue selections
this time sequentially
from the Introduction and Chapter 1
through to Chapter 9 …
By first and foremostly increasing our ‘good’ and ‘right’ habits,
we are reducing the time-place-and-space
in which our ‘bad’ and ‘wrong’ habits
will still be trying to exist & rule.

A core-part of this “new-self-habituation” is
adopting the ‘good’ and ‘right’
mind, imagination and body-movement
Knowledge-&-KnowHow guidances.
======================= ============Your Body
1 Biofeedback;
2 The Instrument: Body and Mind;
3 Stress and Coping with ‘Over-Stress’;
4 Use of Sensory Awareness;
5 Breathing for Special Purposes:
6 Body Balance and Movement:
7 Se;lf-Massgae and Sports Massage;
8 Managing Everyday Concerns [qua ‘Needs’];
9 The Use and Uses of Psychophysiological Techniques.
Illustrations: Figs. 1 to 4.
Tables: 1 to 11.
Alphabetical List of Abbreviations: