Our “Success-ings”

(“) When held together,
the two palms of the human hands
look like a closed lotus-blossom.

The following ‘prolonged-self-exploration’ part-quotation
is from our
Jencks’s Your Body
page 232 ‘Managing Everyday Concerns’
8.5.4 and ‘Lotus’ :-
[“]… During exhalations, imagine*
these petals opening slowly within you –
in your solar-plexus
centre-place –
They are opening wide
and laying down on their ‘pond-water’
able to float well enough above the surface
to ‘maximise’ their breathing ability.

Feel the beauty of this ‘flower-shape’
let this ‘beauty’ be filling your whole body …
and as you inhale, imagine the ‘petals’ closing again
whilst you absorb the energy and vitality they are gaining.
Gather yourself; gather something into yourself; hold on
to yourself.
Let the ‘petals’ open again as you exhale.
Feel calmness, serenity, security, and quiet.

Repeat this opening and closing
of the ‘lotus-flower-shape’ …
Feel its energy, security, and serenity.

Finally, as you exhale, begin ‘delegagting’ these gains in security and serenity, strength and energy, to
your limbs and all other parts of your body,
especially to the head. [“].
———— Organ Concert
that you are playing an organ,
a very old one which has a firm and beautiful tone.
Improvise according to your emotions,
and play in all of your life’s moods and ‘registers’ …
play softly, crescendo and diminuendo,
flick out more ‘stops’ to play ‘mightily’ …
but now you can hear that the
are somewhat weak,
and you wish to repair them
also ‘somewhat’
they need fresh flexible leather …
play mf for a gentler while …
and end your playing,
close the organ console doors;
and slowly gently prepare
to move your legs
and whole-body
off the organ bench… [“]