– continuing our body ..

Gravity” I’ve pencilled as “Permit yourself …”
Computer bottom-right corner Newsflash
“19yo Teen Kyle Harthorne took own life
after mum ordered ‘leave’…”
” ‘LIFE – sustainworthiers’ may seek to ‘take-in’
such ‘civilisational-sinkholes’
from this ‘Devon Live’ computer newsnote:
[we-here are noting the key-official-fault-term displayed therein
‘mental-health-issue/problems’] “
========= 0615 Th05122019 ===== 0629 DevonLive ==============

Our ‘aim’ here is to select specific guidances,
one at a time and in a real-life-appropriate sequence,
to do
and also to
‘scrutinisingly-improve-upon’ :-

I am taking Itching.
[own-finding: my mildly-chronic back-of-neck itch I have just smeared with a “Healthshop ointment containing a small amount of ‘Nature’s disinfectant ‘Tea-Tree oil]
—— 0613 ———-