Your “habits-improving”

Ultimately it is your many body-parts
that you need to be ever-improving
the habitual-movabilities of,
as an Overall Major-Timeframing Activity.
The non-fiction books we show
through this site and through
are reliable “Life-Leaders” in these respects;

one such just arrived on the desk here lists 10 habits :-
1 Smiling
2 Saying ‘sorry’
3 Understanding and (then) managing mishaps
(“qua” Managing and (then) Understanding mishaps !)
4 Being kind to others
5 Pursuing a theory of Mind
6 Talking about your feelings, and experiences.
7 Asking for help.
8 Showing good manners/self-control.
9 Trying new things.
10 Accepting that ‘No’ mans No.
11 Learning [how] to share.
12 Doing what you have to do [your duty, chores, dates].
13 Note ‘isolated, special and final thoughts’
e.g. habits form slowly [including ‘bad’ ones]
so it is the good-ones that need repetitiou -reminders,
untrammeled self-encouragements, and plentifl timeframings.]

“[Paraphrasingly comprehended by this ‘publisher-fellow’.]
1400 W 04 December 2019.