“Right Now -“

Time/Date: 0720W04122019 . 0757

—-> Your Body (Jencks*) —————> Preparing

Usual recommendation: ‘flip’ through all the pages a few times
to glimpse the content-headings;
further familiarise yourself
e.g. by 3-seconds-units[**]
alternately reading
between the overarching Contexts and the Index-Details.


We have an eraser=pencil and a four-colours pen
(and perhaps some sticky-edged Reminders;
and this now-publishing-person
uses rubber-bands to mark-off sections and pages).
We pencil-number the whole book’s ‘parts’,
beginning with
the actual Self-Explorative “Exercises” in Ch 4.
We number each part, successively, thus: Use of Sensory Awareness [as the ‘bare’ Topic]. Sensory Awareness Training. Origin and Development. “Sensory awareness training originated about a hundred years ago in Europe …”
You get the ‘hang of it’ ? . . . “The most significant work …”

————- 0803 break for general maintenance and defensivenessing —

(Jencks *) This ‘opus-magnus’ is still
‘on-top’ –
both individually-personally and group-collectively –
as both
a physiological-cum-psychological-medical foundation text
an educationally-&-trainingly-practical
instruction-manual and ‘Guidance-Codebook’..

[**] This ‘publisher’ finds 2-seconds-units to be ‘too-brief’ –
nevertheless, and also
a loud-enough-ticking clock
might be of further ‘handiness’ in setting your timeframings & sub-timeframings;
and a cellphone can ‘provide’ minutesly ‘longer [***] timeframes. 0908

[***] ‘Longer’ is one of those “multi-sense-and-meaning” words
calling for “scrutinisational-awareness” –
Quantity-Domain-wise: Seconds-longer, or metres ?.
We ‘can’t help it’ but come across such ‘foreigns’ as “Wronggeng” – “how wrong may wronggeng be …?”
—-> “wrong-end/edly-ingly”.

Break 0825 (for ‘further pro-crastinatoriness-scouting-out ?)