Further Considerations _

Amongst the many and various
“chattering-monkeys in our heads”
we may find –

as with the ‘grass-roots-labourer’s
affective “Down Below” song’s words

“Oh, there’s something in the sewer, down – below ,
That has a strange allure, down – below;
‘Midst the cabbages and beet
One may find a marguerite,
And the thought is very sweet –
Down – Below !”

such a ‘thought’ as
“These telepathic grapevines are un-f***-ing canny -” (**)

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“Implemindfullying” (*)
Whilst there can be no such “Forgiveness” as
“Unconditional F**********”
[the main definiens of Forgiveness being its dependence
in both quantity and quality
upon the simple equational Guideline
F = (G – B)
[Forgiveness = Amount of Good and Better Habituating
Amount of Bad and Worse Habituating] ;
whereas the “final-forgiveness” of Unction
Unconditional –
‘one-way, ultimately out-of-this-previous life
and into the “present”
Heaven-on-Earth and Beyond
and the
Almighty, Redeemer, and Comforter;
whereas Conditional-Forgiveness’ definiens has the sense of
“you only get
the ‘burden-of-personal-wrongness’
‘carried-for-you commensurately’
if you increase your good-habits
reduce your bad habits”

(*) Implemindfullying” is
“making mindfulness ‘do-able on-the-ground’, in ‘real-non-verbal life’
—— 1157 —-

(*) “Implemindfully”-speaking, a derivative of
our Governance proceedings’ needing to be “Implementably-Distributed”
(**) ” “These telepathic grapevines are un-f***-ing canny -”
“un-flip-ingly – [canny(***)]

(***) ‘canny’ is a human state-of-being and ability still,
and often increasingly
developed by the re-tired and elderly
whose days of being able to
‘flip theirselves
over the high-jump or polevault

are “by God and Naturally”
either completely or partly
uncompetitive with the ability of the Young.