“Come-Back” –

Occasionally one needs to come back
and ‘fill-in’ something one left-out;
such as during our immediately previous-&-ongoingly-current
Your Body (Jencks’s ‘tour-de-force’)

this ‘publisher’ having omitted to sub=focus therein upon
an instance of “Hallucination”[*] –
[namely, that s/he had awoken today and soon experienced
“a firmish but also smallish Turd
passing out from the rectum-anus-crutch part,
(because no such turd was actually thereafter present in the bed)”

[*] see Jencks Table 3 ‘Types of Imagery’ page 29
in ch 2 The ‘Instrument’: Body and Mind’

and under Image/Imaging/Imagining
the “turd” context contains possibilities of
as well as or other than of
assonance …

but “we procrastinate on-top-of ‘problemising

our focus here would continue within Chapter 4,
and only ‘nextly’ move ‘on’
into that previous also-essential chapter 2 –
and into its definitive distinctiveness
which meanwhile remains ‘not-yet-numbered’.