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“We interrupt this ‘dialogue’
to point-out a seriously-faulty entrenchment
in common English language usage
of Human-Behaviour terminology :
the event is actually “interpretation” or “conception”
but the officially-established but iatrogenic
‘politically-correct’-but-‘totally-incorrect’ term is
“perception”. “

Let us pause our ‘numbering’ and ‘quoting’ of
4.0.1 ‘Sensory Awareness Training’
with a few actual “how-to-do-it’ quotationals,
leaving room in our numbering for our own ‘findings’
(p71) Movement and Stillness
has 12 sentences, followed in brackets by [.13 …] :-
———- 2019 ———- Tired Walk.
Walk as if you were extremely tired… . Active ‘Eager-Beaver’ Walk.
Walk very actively [just a few paces at first]
as if hurrying to an appointment
or ‘going-with-the-flow’ in a rush-hour,
(or suddenly hearing
the ‘fizzing-splutter’ of the saucepan boiling over in the kitchen). Timid Walk.
Walk timidly. Imagine that you are
afraid to look at people,
and have no right to exist in this part of the world
——- 1946 ——–
4.1.3 … Movement and Stillness
.1 “Lie with arms and legs in a comfortable position
(on a deep-carpeted floor or thick yoga mat)
eyelids open or closed;
.2 Imagine that you are ‘melting’ into the floor or the Darth-Itself.
or are ‘spreading-out’ like a drop of spilt-oil.
.5 Feel where there is movement in the body.
.6 Feel where there is ‘stillness’
[including in a disability or ‘numb-place’].
.9 What places are there
where normal movements are inhibited
due (usually) to tensions (i.e. over-tension).

Take a few seconds-sub-timeframes
to recall other life-guidances
such as
Wildman’s(The Busy Person’s Guide To Easier Movement)
“Go slowly;
Remain within your practical-comfort;
Find your limits but do not ‘test’ or ‘pump’ any of them,just remain within them all. …”
============= 2011 ================
(… that’ll have to do for now …)

for life-maintenance, defensiveness,
and further-preparation
===== 2030 =====