You as a ‘disaster’ –

Updates: 1913 Th28112019: [some bold letterings]
1917 “… break for a ‘better-book’ …”

Going by the Worldwide-
and Local-Neighbourhood
Public evidence available,
and upon
evident recurrencies of
deliberately-delayed publication of
Organisationally-and-Individually Witheld
Informations, Knowledges and Know-Hows –

the formation in the Lifeplace of both
Social-Discussion Associations
and oi
Cooperatively Participatory Democratisation
Triads, Plenums
an administrative Peoples’ Civil-Service Sector thereto–

it is both practically and virtually impossible
for any cooperatively-participatory person to
wholesomely-exist in any Lifeplace;

and since all Workplaces are Top-Down Directive
neither is it possible for either
a wholesomely-working & wholesomely-governing person
to ‘exist’ in a Workplace nor as a Worker.
Concluding that

Since it is yet to be made possible-&-unanimously-agreeable
for all human-beings to be
Positively-&-Positivisingly Productive in the Workplace
Personally-Efficient at Living
and-Emulably-Following and Leading

each and every human-being now ‘living’ on this planet Earth
“a disaster”

——- break for ‘a better-book’, and self-&-environment maintenance ———-