You! – ‘Method III’ or Perish.

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Essential Information & Instruction #1.
“Method III
is a well-published(*),
but as yet,
at any level of Community,
‘struggling’ below ‘critical-mass’
and therefore is in need of repeated propagatory initiation.

“Method III” is
‘Every-one’s needs
get appropriately-egalitarianly
recognised and ‘best-met’

All Needs-&-Hows are
“Win-Win-Win’ (*) Recognised
sequentially -planned to be
‘best-met’ .

Method III (***) :-

Step 1.
(a) ‘The Situation’
(b) ‘The Problem’ now within it;
(c) plenumly display them each ‘verbatim’;
(d) collect them into one Statement.

Before the meeting-process can proceed to the next Step,
this wording need to be
unamimously agreed ,
and be ‘verbatily ‘inked-in’,
and recorded (photographed).
Step 2
clockwise around the circle of participants,
each suggest ‘a ‘no-lose’ solution.

(*) Originally by Dr Thomas Gordon in
People/Parent/Leader/Teacher Effectiveness Training
subsequently by Prof Robert Bolton within People Skills.
Also. a ‘print-out of the method in 5 detailed steps
can be found within this e-sites supports : and

(**) Since many possibly-affected people
will be unable to be bodily present in the Meeting’
nor been able to have made
their Situations, Needs-&-‘Hows’, and Problems
known to the meeting,
it is inherently incumbent upon the meeting
to equally consider their possible needs-&-hows.
In real-implementation this can be expressed as
even when there are only two participants bodily in the meeting. 2305.
(***) see the full print-outable 5-Steps from a below ‘Method III’ post
or from
or .