‘Things’, ‘Purposes’, ‘Words’ –

1703 M 25112019 “… the ‘thing-in-question'”;
1719 “Saying someone else is ‘roadblocking’ “.
1726 ” … by Bolton … by Pirie “.
1730 “… – surely ?”

has a ‘purpose-within-a-Purpose’
and may also contain some sub-purpose[s].
in turn ‘attracting’
purporting to give that ‘thing’
and its ‘purpose’
meaning (*)

Therefore, it is surely absolutely vital
that the words chosen
describe, or prescribe, or stipulate
self-corrigibly (**)
the ‘thing-in-question’ –

surely ?

Equally “surely”,
such knowledge
and any ensuing know-how-performing resulting
should ‘satisfy’ other criteria & sustainworthying conditions
such as
(i) avoiding or correcting any [and all] of
the “13 Roadblocks to Communication” (* **);
(ii) ‘Spotting’ flaws in argumentation (****)

(*) i.e. more words purporting to be
describing, prescribing, or stipulating,
in dominantly positive terms,
what that ‘thing’ is.

(**) The three Principles of Good Communication & Honest Argumentation.

(***) Four kinds of Judging; five of ‘Sending-Solutions’, three of ‘Avoiding Others’ Needs’;
and one of “Saying someone else is ‘roadblocking'”. People Skills by Bolton.

(****) As with guidances such as from How To ‘Win’ Every Argument by Pirie.