“Life” versus “Work”

Updates: 1417 Monday 25112019
“…smallest populations and individuals”

The Lifeplace*
is the Primary “raison-d’etre” of every Human-Civilisation
The Workplace* coming runner-Up “raison-d’etre” of Civilisation.

If Humankind is to both survive and thrive,
along with the majority of Lifesupportive-Forms-on-Earth,
then it has become
that every human-being-on-Earth
comprehends in fine-detail
the differences, contrasts, and conflicts,
The-Lifeplace and The-Workplace –
from the biggest worldwide organisations & individuals
right down, level-by-level, to the smallest-populations and individuals.

* “Lifeplace” occupies ~128hrs/week; “Workplace” ~40hrs/week.