The Essentiality of ‘Models’.

Updated: 1702 Th 211119
“…such as of mustard and cress.”

A new non-fiction publication(*)
tells us to
[“]Become lifeplace-competent in
as many human-behavioural-models as we can[“]

certainly be familiarly-capable in more than one,
and become ‘knowedgable-about’ more than just a few …

and the book gives us 30 such models
and a 14 page summary of them
after some 240 pages of insights and details.
surely such new-awareness in turn prompts one
to find such other lists of models
and to seek-out
their individually intrinsic value and application,

… don’t you think ?
– – – –

———– pause for self-&-immediate-environment maintenance) ———–

And it surely also prompts us to ‘scout’ for
Other Lifeplace-Models and Domains
and their ‘Subs-” –

such as
“Environment Models”
e.g. The Immediate Household;
One’s Bedroom, and therein one’s Bedside(**)

———– pause for self-&-immediate-environment maintenance) ———–

(*) Mental Models by Peter Hollins

(**) a bedridden terminal person maybe comforted by ‘tending’
a bedside green-plant growing tray
such as of mustard-&-cress .