Updated; 0146 Thursday 211119
” ——– to be continued ———-“

Quite probably, taxes you have ‘paid-in’
have not been spent,
nor ‘saved’,
to the Need you believed you were voting for

– right ?


At this very moment you are ‘enjoying’
reading about
and ‘checking’
things and ‘factors’ that we do,
or which our ‘offspring’ may-sometime,

And although you may not just now be fully-conscious
that you have already pre-paid for this e-site,
and for the two others

and for the ‘news’ and ‘possible-new-guidances’
being published ‘free’ herein

‘not-for-profit, power, prestige, nor play’,
which pay the state-pension
of this ‘British-citizen-publisher’

in turn,

has found it
if not absolutely
an ‘Earth-citizen-duty’ –
to share facts and factors
which are not generally known
and which appear to be ‘deliberately’ withheld
from not only the Public’s General Knowledge
and Human-Progress KnowHow
but from practically all of
the dominant Professions, Media, Schools and Universities.

Yes, your taxes herein are paying
for these e-sites to be
“open to any reader
[except the ‘spammer’]
for ‘reasonably-relevant comment and question’ “
No such comments or questions have been coming-in.
Our taxes – wasted ?

Mine too –
and my energies, abilities and life-timeframings

These matters are in point of fact
largely very-deadly-serious.
especially so since in-effect
of the Issues and Questions they raise,
nor the properly-published
‘New Sources and Guidances’
that they mention or focus-upon,
are being supported, positively-used,
and sustainworthyingly carried-forward –

except by these three “lone” altruistic e-sites.