How “Pay-the-Price” ?


There is a gall-wasp
the egg of which is laid
in the same oak-tree as the egg of a different gall-wasp.
“Here We Are Again –
Happy as can be,
All good pals and jolly good company!”


The first-laid egg hatches and that larva begins eating its way out of the ‘oak-apple’
it has already been ‘earmarked’ by the second wasp
causing it to burrow only up to the length of its head
(which is all but out of the gall)
whereupon the second larva
having been pre-given ‘time’ [by The Life-Creating-‘God’]
chews its way up through the stuck larva, and on up through its living head
“out into God’s fresh-air”.

“Praise The Lord ?”
Publisher’s Advice:
For the more ‘factual’ description of this ‘natural-marketplace-event’
please see
The New Scientist Weekly 5 Oct 2019 p17 ‘Grisly insect can control the minds of many other species”

Y-Our task
even if not accepted
is to list all the different sorts

“Paying-The Price”
on this Earth

and within various going Civilisations,
individuals’ .

NOYN = Not On Your Nelly