“Existentialities”, “Values” …

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In our first reading of a non-fiction book,
we (possibly) make pencil-notes therein,
even ink-underlinings, whole ‘boxes’.

Tony Wilkinson’s non-fiction ‘work’ currently engages us
Capitalism and Human Values
wherein on page 4 , after
“So we will look, in what follows, for the missing foundation
on which values could rest by common agreement” (?)
we find
“This foundation, we will suggest, must be secular –
not because
we want to disparage religion
but because
there is no other way to find common ground
in a world of so many diverse views.
Hence our focus is on
“human values” and the foundation on which
they might rest.”

Lifefresh.net publisher jsdm:
Underneath Wilkinson’s “human” we have added
both “Lifeplace” and “Workplace” (values).

0710 M 041119,

On the inside title page
we (Lifefresh.net) have also added
to the ‘Values’ term
“Goods [versus] Bads”

(p 3 bottom para)