First one has to “have it” – (sort-of-thing) …

A “Now-Prevalent-&-Life-Wasting” Instance :-

One’s post-code location has changed,
due to one’s change of permanent address,
but certain “necessary authorities”
with all their “phishing, hacking, and security-surveillances”
still show the previous post-code –

and when one comes to attempting to “get in and update it”,
one is faced with having to become a
“knight climbing a bald-mountain”
of words words words words
but no way of actually communicating
the necessary-solution.

The official site has just a ‘Help’ button,
leading into a “How could we improve -“
message box,
which now has been filled-in
and duly returned to that ‘authority’
as follows :-

Just put up the short
“change of location address and postcode form
(surely you have one that could be right ‘up-front’ –
instead of all those higher-intelligence
and professionally-skilful words-
to-be-ploughed-through !
That’s not just ‘procrastination’ on your part,
it’s destructively anti-social human-life wasting
upon anyone who has to read it –
such “big bunches of “gigo”
that are the very opposite
of any sort of “giggle”.