Completing a Scrutiny

any Matter must remain
until every fact and factor of it
is both known, recorded, and worldwide-published ?

“History is written by the Vanquors” (Conquerors) –
who often also deliberately destroy
any recorded history written by the Vanquished.

Such a Matter will remain
at least “largely”
only one-sided –

and further,
may be
by containing
Such a “conditional note/’caveat'” should certainly preface every Governancial Report-to-the-Public
every Democratic-Governancial-&-Media
Scrutiny Report
should prefacely-show
a blank “block-schematic”, or “web”, or “mind-map” ,
of the definitive-components of the Matter and of the Scrutiny’s Task and ‘Expectations’.



Matters of Militancy
will be found many confusions and conflations
regarding “commandship ‘versus. leadership”.

One such concerned – and possibly still will concern –
Field Marshall Montgomery’s ‘Performance Record’ –

was his oversight of his ‘WW1- like’
‘Into the valley of death rode the 600’
like “taxpayers-money at any awkward Issue’ –
of Britain’s & The Commonwealth’s best male blood
literally ‘self-defencelessly-nakedly’and cumbersomely on foot
into a slaughter-field of enemy machine-guns,
and hidden-underfoot-mines –
even at the Key-Victorious Battle of El Alamein,
and again into Italy,
then again in the “Market Garden” Air-Invasion at Arnhem
where not only were thousands of our remaining best men
slaughtered in mid-air by enemy machine-gunners who were
“not supposed to be there” …

? ? ?

Come January 1948 and the re-naming of
The Royal Military College Sandhurst as
The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst,
“WW2 has taught us that in future
our officers will need much better trained ‘brains’ “.

And indeed, the battle-named-companies of the Old College (pre-WW1)
were augmented by a very separate New College (WW1)
conjoined to a Victory College (WW2 battle-names)
“Halls-of-Study” had been included [‘classrooms’]
and near which also a Science block had been quickly pre-fabricated.
There was a large gymnasium, a small Athletics stadium, an Assault-Course, and playing-fields
(a Demonstration soccer match by Arsenal and another 1st Division team was played on one such
in front of the new New College.
Come now to “pep-talk” us
Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery;
after which, dinner –
in the main dining-hall
which had immediately outside it downstairs
the Officers Mess
and its shiny old round table,
where officers parked their hats,
at the foot of the stairway up
to the “FGS” [Cadets’ Canteen]
and opposite it a non-used store-room.

As cadets exited the dining-hall, to ascend those stairs,
they couldn’t help but ‘brush-past’ that hatted table –
now upon which rested that unique morsel of history –
the Montgomery two-badged black tank-corps beret !

Naturally, a regular-army body of 250 potential career officers
contains many different abilities of spirit, mind and body,
not just of “wealthy-offspring who could shoot a ‘jorum’ off the top of the College flagpole with a .303 rifle,
and roll at least one of the pre-WW1 cannons
into the Old College lake
‘before graduating’.

Well, some such spirit ‘dreamed-up’ a tell-tale,
that 3 officer-cadets with a camera,
had snatched the famous Monty-beret
from the said shiny-round-table,
dashed upstairs and into the “spare” room on the right with it,
taken each other’s photograph briefly wearing it !

this ‘militantly-propagandist-fairytale-exercise’
got given the actual names
of three real cadets;

who were subsequently ‘grilled’
and despite being innocent, and knowing-nothing,
were awarded
14 days “Restrictions” each
{ CB; with square-bashing two weekends too”}.

Nevertheless, all three were allowed to continue at the Academy,
and to take all the physical-fitness tests and to sit the exams
and to ‘Pass-Out’ [graduate]
and join their respective regiments:
“Good Luck, Good Health, God Bless You”.
“Now Is The Hour”
“Goodbye Dolly Gray”.
Certainly there were three cadets, by those specific names,

but did they, would they, could-they

have played such an even “well-spirited” trick ?
upon such an “eminent*” figure
in such a Constitutionally Life-Defending
and Peace-Maintaining
Royal Institution ?

And if so, where are those photographs now ?
I was in that new Royal Military Academy Intake-1 myself,
and I’ve not seen such photographs –
nor heard any of those three ‘scapegoats’ to “confess”.

Anyway, let them remain “anonymous” now then, I would say.

One has to (scrutinisingly) wonder
that’ key’negative’ has never surfaced

or has it ?

Many will have to go on “doubting”, one must suppose.

( stay tuned, why not )